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The electricity grid holds a huge paradox for society.  On one hand, it provides us with light, warmth, transport, goods and entertainment.  On the other hand, it leads to climate change and therefore threatens, in the long term, the way we live.  The electricity grid brings us the life we enjoy, and may also ultimately take away some of the things we value about life.  The Green Expectations project, run by Latrobe City Council, aimed to explore these complex issues and sort input through stories and poems. 

Climate Change Survey

Over 2009, people from across the world were invited to participate in a climate change survey.  The results are now in and can be accessed by clicking here

SP AusNet Short Film Competition

The Grid - SP AusNet Short Film Competition was an Australia-wide competition for short film makers. They were invited to create a work that explores our connection to the electricity grid and how we use electricity in the face of a growing awareness within our communities of the effects of climate change.


Entries for the competition have now closed. Click here to view the winning entries.


Coal Valley Male Chorus

Stephen Taberner, the inspiration behind the internationally renowned Spooky Men’s Chorale,ran a number of workshops with the Coal Valley Male Chorus to develop songs and performance for The Grid project.  As a highly experienced choir leader Stephen is also known for his work with the Choral Sea in Sydney (1996 and 1998), and the Millennium Chorus in Melbourne (2004-6). Stephen is a highly sought after choir and workshop leader, facilitating workshops throughout Australasia.  Best known as choir leader and spookmeister, Stephen also finds time to perform his own songs solo and with help from his friends. He has a needlessly eclectic pedigree as a jazz double bass player, choirboy, playback theatre musician, world music junkie, bathroom harmonics aficionado, singer/songwriter, and student of the human condition, and he brings much of this to all of his work as humanly possible.

Stephen is passionate about men’s creativity and their voices and he has years of experience encouraging men to discover their voice within.

Coal Valley Carole

The choir performed at Cocoon as well as at the Power On! Street Parade