The electricity grid is the network of lines and cables that carries the electricity that we all rely on in our daily lives.  80% of the electricity consumed in Victoria is generated at the coal fired power stations in the Latrobe Valley.

What is The Grid project?

The Grid project was a community arts initiative designed to give the community of Latrobe City the opportunity to express their unique relationship to the electricity grid and its implications to the many areas of their lives.  By acknowledging the geographical centre of the electricity grid, the project also aims to raise the awareness of those living outside the Latrobe Valley of their connection to electricity generation through the grid, and therefore their contribution to the release of greenhouse emissions.

The short movie (right) is a collaborative arts project that brings together a range of images about the grid and how it supports the many facets of our lives:

The Grid project is a three part project that has evolved throughout 2009.  Part 1 of the project, Gathering the Yarn, will collected the thoughts and feelings of the Latrobe community and the rest of Victoria about their current perceptions of climate change.   Part 2 took these community ideas and put together an arts installation called cocoon using the materials collected.  Part 3 took the community on a journey into the future and will culminated in the Power On! street parade was an expression of people’s hopes and dreams for the future.

Our centre image for The Grid project was the Pylon Tree. Growing out of the base of a power pylon, this tree was woven by the community out of recycled cables from the electricity grid, donated by electricity distributor SP AusNet, and decorated with leaves which carried the hopes and dreams gathered from the community.

The Grid Project Events

The Grid Installation, 26-30 August 2009, Latrobe Regional Gallery

The installation formed the second part of the project and featured the launch of the Pylon Tree and a range of works that were collected in the lead up to the project, including short films and a graphic exploration of the survey material.  The launch of the installation included performances by the Coal Valley Male Chorus and the Regenerators. More Information >


The Grid Short Films
The films are in and the winners have been chosen for The SP AusNet Short Film competition and mentoring project.  To view all of the winning and mentored films click here


Tobruck Street Primary School – Creative Directors Choice


The Grid Street Parade and Twilight Market, Saturday, 21 November 2009
The Grid Street Parade was held in Morwell on the 21 November.  The parade included a range of street puppets and other artworks made by local school children and the community.  The Parade culminated in a party and twilight market around the Pylon Tree and included live music, dancing and a range of other performers.  For more information on the Street Parade Click Here


The Grid Origami Project
Many people living in the Latrobe Valley and around Victoria are thinking about climate change and how it will impact us in the future.  We invited school children across Victoria to participate in our project by making are Origami butterfly and writing either their hopes and fears about climate change, or their vision for the future.  The butterfly symbolises our ability to transform, which we will need to do in order to reduce our greenhouse emissions.  We received approximately 1000 butterflies from across the State and these have all been sent to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.


The Grid Project Themes


Weaving as a concept was used to create the theme of reweaving the future and also acknowledged the various connections that people have between each other within our community and beyond.

The grid itself is a woven creation of pylons and wires that deliver power to us.  By engaging the community in a weaving project people were able to take a hands-on approach to weaving their own grid.  Weaving involves a two part process, that is, threading the loom and creating the weft. 

1. In The Grid project, the weft is the threads of conversation within the Latrobe community that hold together the work.

2. The warp is the thread woven around the weft, and it relates to the engagement that will take place with the rest of Victoria.

Weaving is a traditional art that can be used by the community to create powerful symbols and the project will use weaving in a number of forms, from weaving large sculptural installations, to weaving stories, dreams and conversations.

butterflyThe Butterfly

The concept of the butterfly primarily relates to having the courage to transform. The butterfly metaphor in the project is a three part series that relates to the caterpillar stage where people’s experiences and feelings were expressed creatively; the cocoon stage where these are expressed in an arts event; and the butterfly stage where the project facilitated a community celebration.